Unsolved issues (beta)

Here is a list of the known issues that are not yet fixed because the source of the problem cannot be identified. If you find a systematic issue that remains unsolved and that is not listed here, please contact us.

Common issues with solution

  • ROI cannot be edited (e.g. resized or moved). This issue occurs on macOS when keyboard shortcuts are used; this will prevent the ROI resizing options to be used. If this happens, press the control key on your keyboard and try resizing again.

Main issues with no explanations

  • White plot problem. Sometimes when plotting data, a white plot appears with no image. This issue appears to be random and the source has not been identified. Usually selecting an other element and then trying to plot again solves this problem. Adjustment of color bar min and max values can sometimes force the plot to appear.
  • Interface positioning issue. Sometimes, the graphical user interface doesn’t appear in the center of the screen after opening XMapTools. This error seems to be random as well.

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