Development stage (beta)

XMapTools 4 is under development and not all parts in the beta versions are at the same level. A warning is displayed at the beginning of each help file:

This part of XMapTools 4 is currently at level X of development (1, largely untested; 2, tested for a few cases; 3, tested and benchmarked; 4, publication quality).



  1. Largely untested, only basic tools implemented
  2. Tested for a few cases, seems to work ok
  3. Tested and benchmarked
  4. Publication quality
#IDPart & ToolsLevelComments
1.0Section “Project & Import”3project functionalities are very advanced, see below for other tools.
1.1Converter for EPMA2fully tested for JEOL; not tested for CAMECA.
1.2Converter for LA-ICPMS1tested for AGILENT & RESONETICS data and with only a restricted range of data
1.3Import Tool 3Similar functionalities as in XMapTools 3, untested for LA-ICPMS data coming from Iolite.
2.0Section “Classify”3most tools in this sections are at an advanced stage.
3.0Section “Segment”1not fully tested (work in progress).
4.0Section “Calibrate”3see details below
4.1Calibration Assistant for EPMA2the algorithm was tested and benchmarked, but there are still cases for which the calibration fails. IA not implemented yet.
4.2Local bulk composition determination3the algorithm was benchmarked and should perform well in most situations.
4.3Calibration Assistant for LA-ICPMS1only partly tested, to be improved once more data become available.
5.0Section “Functions”3the main structure is implemented and working but the number of functions is still limited.
6.0Section “Add-ons”1no add-on available in beta 1 (for compiled versions)
7.0Section “Options”3most options are working fine
9.0Sampling Tools2most sampling tools are working fine, but we expect minor improvements in term of display and ability to save data or generate multi-plots to be implemented before the final version is released.
10.1Data Visualisation Tool1very basic structure implemented; requires a significant amount of work to be moved to the next level.

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