Install gfortran (macOS)

macOS Big Sur

  1. Install the last version of Xcode using App Store
  2. Open Xcode to accept the license agreement and finalizing the installation
  3. Download the Command Line Tools compatible with your version of Xcode from Apple’s developer website
  4. Download a version of gfortran compatible with your system here
  5. Open a terminal and set the working directory where the gfortran package is saved
  6. If you have a file with the extension .gz, type the command (change XX to the version): gunzip gfortran-XX-bin.tar.gz
  7. Type the command (change XX): sudo tar -xvf gfortran-XX-bin.tar -C /
  8. In your terminal, set the working directory to the folder Programs of Theriak-Domino and type the command: make all

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