Importing project from XMapTools 3

XMapTools 4 uses a different strategy to store data and projects generated with previous versions of XMapTools are not compatible with the new format.

An automated conversion to the new format is performed when a project file generated with XMapTools 3 is opened in XMapTools 4. It is not recommended for the moment to delete old project files but rather to save the projects generated using XMapTools 4 with a different name.

The following types of data are fully converted and imported
  • All maps available in the X-ray workspace
  • Maskfile
  • All maps available in the Quanti workspace. Note that merged-maps are stored
The following types of data are skipped and not imported
  • Coordinates of the reference pixels for classification (the new training system must be used)
  • Density maps (must be re-generated using the new system)
  • Standard data (must be re-imported from the file Standards.txt)

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