Display Options (Project)

This section describes display options for the displayed map. These options are saved for each project.

Set the map resolution corresponding to the pixel size, also refer to as step size in EPMA instruments. The default value is 20 µm (arbitrary). The resolution value is automatically calculated from the map coordinates defined in Standards.txt when internal standards (spot analyses) are imported.

Activate and display the scale bar applying the pixel size defined in resolution. Two options are accessible via the dropdown menu: white (default) or black.

Button Rotate view by 90° adjust the map orientation. The rotation angle is displayed next to the button with possible value: 0 (default orientation), 90, 180 or 270. Note that some of the display features such as drag-for-zoom are not available if a rotation is applied.

Shows the map size. Format: X x Y corresponding to Columns x lines

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