Importing maps

This page describes the tools available to import maps into XMapTools from files of a compatible format (see below).

The Import Maps button opens the Import tool for loading map data. A full description of the Import Tool module can be found here.

Format: Map files must have the *.txt, *.asc, *.dat or *.csv extension, no header and a name compatible with the XMapTools default element names for identification. The default lists of compatible element and oxide names are given below.

Warning: In this version of XMapTools the file name should match exactly one of the compatible elements. Otherwise the map will be imported into the “Other” category. However, the filename can contain an element name followed by an underscore (_) and a comment, e.g. Si_sample1.txt will be recognised as a map of Si.

Documentation in XMapTools (including element/oxide lists)

The last version of the documentation is provided below:

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